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I should prefer corn tortillas over flour—they have more depth of flavor and are a better complement to most Tex-Mex ingredients. But because I once viewed them as something decadent and a chance to partake in something forbidden, I still always opt for flour over corn. Many people say flour tortillas are strictly gringo, but that’s not true. You can find them in Northern Mexico, especially the state of Sonora. But the varieties eaten there are different from the ones I prefer. While the Mexican version is thin, smooth and flat, Texan flour tortillas are thick, soft, puffy and chewy.

I’ve mentioned before my failed quest to make homemade flour tortillas. And since Whole Foods now sells a decent approximation of a Texas-style flour tortilla, if I squint I can pretend that I’m eating the real thing. But my failure nagged at me, especially after I successfully made corn tortillas. Why couldn’t I do it? I can bake excellent breads, biscuits and pizzas, so why did delicious homemade flour tortillas elude me?

Tortilla Flat Facts LifeTortilla Flat Facts LifeTortilla Flat Facts LifeTortilla Flat Facts Life