Roland kayn tektra - Roland Kayn Tektra

Kayn described much of his beguiling body of work—collected on a series of cryptic releases with titles like Tektra , Infra , and Simultan and packed with intricate, technical liner notes—as “cybernetic music.” Inspired, in part, by his mentor Max Bense’s teachings on “generative aesthetics” in the 1950s, Kayn developed a method of composing music without specifying everything from the top down—a different approach from, say, Kayn’s more famous German contemporary Karlheinz Stockhausen, who favored tight control over his compositions. Kayn devised analog systems that could be steered to create intriguing new pieces of music.

Roland Kayn TektraRoland Kayn TektraRoland Kayn TektraRoland Kayn Tektra