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The undergraduate degrees can prepare you for a quantitative reasoning related job in the public or private sector, a career in teaching, or an advanced degree. The Master of Arts degree is intended for those wishing to pursue a career in teaching at the community college level or who wish to go on to study for a Ph. D. in mathematics or a related field. The Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics is geared toward those who wish to become leaders and specialists in mathematics in the secondary school systems.

Sometimes I get so intent on figuring out a problem, I do a lot more than is necessary.   In Post 53A , I showed  a graphical method of calculating the buoyancy of PVC pipe and tried with a 3″  pipe.  I found it would not get the job done.  This time around I wanted to do the same problem with a spreadsheet so other sizes of pipe could quickly be calculated.  After going through all of that, I realised  that all I really needed to do was calculate with the pipe 1/2 immersed and fully immersed to get an idea of the amount of lift the pipe can provide.  Those calculations are easy to do  – the area of a circle, and 1/2 that amount.

Various Scaling TrianglesVarious Scaling TrianglesVarious Scaling TrianglesVarious Scaling Triangles