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In bufos the guaracha would occur at places indicated by the author: guaracheros would enter in coloured shirts, white trousers and boots, handkerchiefs on their heads, the women in white coats, and the group would perform the guaracha. In general the guaracha would involve a dialogue between the tiple , the tenor and the chorus. The best period of the guaracha on stage was early in the 20th century in the Alhambra theatre in Havana, when such composers as Jorge Anckermann , José Marín Varona and Manuel Mauri wrote numbers for the top stage singer Adolfo Colombo . [18] Most of the leading trova musicians wrote guarachas: Pepe Sánchez , Sindo Garay , Manuel Corona , and later Ñico Saquito .

After serving four years, Rivera was eager to get back to singing with Cortijo , but clubs would not book dates for the Latin musician whose past they could not forgive. Cortijo and Rivera found themselves in a changed Latin music scene that would force them to go separate ways. "El Sonero Mayor," however, would go on to record some of his best work with his own band, the Cachimbos, showcasing his unequaled talent better than ever. In the 1970s, Rivera was looked upon as a legend from another era, and he helped a number of young musicians get their start in the New York salsa scene, including Ismael Miranda and Ruben Blades .

Marbella (/ m ɑːr ˈ b eɪ j ə, - ˈ v ɛ l j ə, - ˈ v ɛ j ə /; Spanish: [maɾˈβeʎa], locally [maɾˈβeʝa]) is a city and municipality in southern Spain ...

Rafael Cortijo Y Su Bonche Sorongo Que Es Lo Que El Blanco Tiene De NegroRafael Cortijo Y Su Bonche Sorongo Que Es Lo Que El Blanco Tiene De NegroRafael Cortijo Y Su Bonche Sorongo Que Es Lo Que El Blanco Tiene De NegroRafael Cortijo Y Su Bonche Sorongo Que Es Lo Que El Blanco Tiene De Negro