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This typically French insouciance and blasé attitude to life was undoubtedly reflected in his sartorial attire, in which he could make a formal three-piece suit look spontaneous and unpremeditated. Perhaps it was the unkempt, tousled hair and omnipresent cigarette which added to his dishevelled yet cool appearance. Or perhaps it was his habit of leaving his top button open beneath a thin, dark patterned tie. A typical outfit would feature one of his woollen Paletots, a double-breasted, short style of overcoat with a 6×2 button arrangement, complete with epaulettes, peaked lapels and, in his case, always an upturned collar. His colour palette never strayed far from neutral monochromatic tones, clearly favouring the appeal of an all-black ensemble. Bright colours would only appear rarely and in small doses, usually in the form of a subtle silk pocket square or a vibrant scarf slung casually around his neck. Averse to unnecessary accessories, they were kept to a minimum apart from the occasional elegant dress watch replete with black leather strap. The end result was an effortless, clean and understated look which seemed more in line with that of the British mod sub-culture than it did with the more typically artistic endeavours of other French style icons like Picasso .

Her musical career began aged just 13, when she appeared with her father Serge Gainsbourg in the duet Lemon Incest – somewhat scandalously reprising an erotic role played by her mother, the British actress Jane Birkin. The song was nothing to be ashamed of, said Charlotte Gainsbourg, who went on to win numerous awards, act in 50 films, including several by the Danish director Lars Von Trier, and has now written her own songs in French for her latest album.

School largely passed me by, and I spent most of my time there planning new escapades that Jane and I would get up to in the holidays. These included exploring a half-sunken ship off the coast of the Isle of Wight, where our parents had a cottage, delving beneath our grandmother’s enormous greenhouses for forgotten relics from the Zulu Wars, stealing daffodils to sell at the side of the road in order to fund our armoury, and attempting to derail the miniature railway in the Battersea funfair. We also spent many hours in our local cinema, weeping through such avant-garde classics as The King and I, The Diary of Anne Frank and Gigi.

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