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Why this works: The baking soda and hot water (left in to soak for 15-20 minutes) will deodorize your drain like nobody’s business. And the vinegar volcano on top of all that will help dislodge any stuck pieces of food in the crevices, thereby releasing any potential future stinkiness.

I’ll tell you what, that’s a great point you bring up. What you just said is that people are already familiar, and that’s true. If you go into the nursing homes, the dialysis centers, the senior centers, because there’s already competition there, most people are already familiar with that type of a service, and that will already provide you with an advantage. I’ll tell you what I do with my competition before I jump into the business. I did a great deal of research, and I literally would follow my competitors around, I would make notes, and I would evaluate their strengths and their weaknesses, and it came to a point in time where I actually, in my biased opinion, knew more about my competitors than they probably knew about themselves. I knew how many vehicles they had, what type of equipment they had, I basically created a general bio of a lot of my competitors before I jumped in, so it really allowed me to assess the strengths, the weaknesses, and the opportunities that I had in my community, and realistically when I sat there and I spent a few weeks, and spent a few months, watching my competitors I knew 100% that I could be successful in my community within this industry. And that’s really what I did, by creating this bio, by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of my competitors, I had a really firm commitment to what I was doing and I was very confident that I would be successful.

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Before we get to our favorite words only Southerners say , let’s hear it from the famous belles of “Sh%t Southern Women Say ” on The Southern Women Channel. Down ...

Give them plenty of fresh greens to increase the lutein in their yolks. The darker the green the better, so I often fix them a feast of edible amaranth (one of my favorite summer greens ), kale, collards, broccoli leaves , or whatever I happen to have growing in my garden. If it’s the middle of winter and your garden greens are lacking, you can feed them alfalfa.

“She is with her beloved brothers now. Rest easy ”
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Betty Davis They Say Im DifferentBetty Davis They Say Im DifferentBetty Davis They Say Im DifferentBetty Davis They Say Im Different