Merger i wanna be your man you pick me up - Sprint, T-Mobile Merger is Apparently No Longer Happening.

  • The Hydroponics Company () joins capital raising bandwagon. Who’s next? (12/17/2017) - The Hydroponics Company (), which listed on 4th May, is the latest cannabis outfit to tap the market for funds, halting their stock through the week to undertake an 8m+ capital raising. Shareholders won’t mind too much as they have enjoyed a November to remember, with the stock rising from $ to $, before pulling […]
  • ASX weed stocks: Meet the newbie cannabis companies (12/10/2017) - The whiff of weed is in the air again, and this time it’s all about deal-making and consolidation. Joint ventures (JV) are the order of the day between listed cannabis companies and unlisted applicants. With that said, there are now a number of new players who have hung out their shingles and wasted no time […]
  • Creso () collapses after capital raising (12/5/2017) - We’ve handed out plenty of bouquets to Creso Pharma () since initiating coverage – time for a brickbat. That’s how we roll here at Equity Guru – client or not, if we catch you out we call you out. A quick recap: Two weeks ago the stock caught a flyer and jumped above the one […]
  • Creso Pharma () lays down its credentials (11/22/2017) - Stocks are a little like children. You have your favourites and when they venture out into the world and do well it’s hard not to be proud of them. Also the minute you take your eyes off them they’ll likely do something. We highlighted Creso more than 6 months ago as one to watch. After […]
  • ASX weed stocks jockeying for position (11/14/2017) - Melbourne Cup day is one of the few things I miss about not being in Australia. Last week the race that stops a nation was run and won, Rekindling the victor at odds of 16:1. For the record, I didn’t have a bet on this year (would be illegal here in Thailand!) but if you […]
  • Troubling times for Telstra () as dividend slashed (8/20/2017) - Telstra (), Australia's largest retail telecommunications provider, finds itself at a crossroads in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Its customer service is woeful at best and its only real point of differentiation in the market has been network coverage. Unable to exploit the monopoly that powered earnings until the mid-2000s, they are now faced with credible competition.

What it really means: A “bake-off” (also called a “beauty pageant” or “beauty contest” though that sounds even weirder…) refers to several investment banks competing for the same business, whether it’s an IPO, a financing or an M&A deal.  These types of “contests” involve long and very painful pitchbooks .

The study is looking at five cases that offer evidence of collaborative practice across different policy domains ranging from emergency management to children at risk. Each of the cases, to differing degrees, involve the public sector, communities and not-for-profit organisations working together to address complex social or public health problems.

My job is a combination of corporate development, business development, and corporate strategy – since it’s a startup you have to do a bit of everything.

Merger I Wanna Be Your Man You Pick Me UpMerger I Wanna Be Your Man You Pick Me UpMerger I Wanna Be Your Man You Pick Me UpMerger I Wanna Be Your Man You Pick Me Up