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I can’t stress enough how important non-verbal communication is when it comes to making a positive connection with somebody. The vast majority of our communication isn’t conveyed through our words, but through our bodies, our tone of voice, even the  speed at which we talk. In fact, when our body language and our words are at odds with each other, it’s entirely possible to make people incredibly  uncomfortable with you and want to get away from you. While your words may be positive, your closed off body language will be incongruent with what you’re saying and leave people feeling uneasy and confused. Many men, for example, have been creepy by accident because while they may have had the best of intentions, their body language made them seem intimidating or even  threatening and left people feeling uncomfortable.

"Humans have evolved a dopamine system that is different than the one in chimpanzees," says Nenad Sestan , an author of the study and a professor of neuroscience at Yale.

Unique You Make Me Feel So GoodUnique You Make Me Feel So GoodUnique You Make Me Feel So GoodUnique You Make Me Feel So Good