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At the start of 2017, my friends and I were saddened to say farewell to Rose,  who had long been fighting gastroparesis and complications brought on by undiagnosed Lyme disease. Many of you got to know Rose through our early adventures on this blog, and her spirit made an impact on everyone she met.

The result is a list that reflects everything great about Texas music, from turn-of-the-century pop to nineties rap. Some of our choices should surprise and delight you, and some of our inclusions and omissions will cause you to groan. That's also fine with us. Few countries can boast such an amazing and diverse legacy, and one reason is that Texans are passionate about music. So get riled up if you have to, and have fun. We sure did.

VARIOUS Texas Tornados: Rock 'n' Roll From The Lone Star State (2013 UK limited edition 32-track compilation double vinyl LP including Big Beat pioneers The Crickets and Jape Richardson alongside honky tonker Bash Hofner, with the best from the local labels Sarg, Starday and D, which helped define the regional sound. Housed in a single pocket picture sleeve - still sealed FVDV142)

Very few locally-recorded punk rock 45s, LPs, and audio cassettes were produced on labels with more than one artist. In most cases bands produced and distributed their own music. Most groups pressed fewer than 1,000 copies, and today a number of them are highly collectible. A few bands, like the Big Boys and the Dicks, were lucky enough to have their music released or re-released on nationally known independent labels such as Touch and Go (Chicago) and SST Records (Los Angeles).

Another addition the larger space has afforded is a small but well-executed food program. The menu offers coffee-shop standards such as daily pastries, yogurt and granolas, and avocado toast (though Indy’s version has been given a Southern twist with the addition of lime, queso fresco, and red chili flakes). But Indy’s originals are the best part of the food program: a rotating selection of scratch biscuit sandwiches. During my visit, the chorizo and house-made pineapple jam biscuit stole the show; the sweetness and the spice were balanced beautifully and paired exceptionally well with an alternative milk cappuccino.

(L-R) Chris Perez, . Quintanilla III, Suzette Quintanilla, Marcella Samora and Abraham Quintanilla Jr. attend the ceremony honoring singer Selena Quintanilla with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 3, 2017, in Hollywood, California.

Various Texas Punk From The Sixties Vol 2Various Texas Punk From The Sixties Vol 2Various Texas Punk From The Sixties Vol 2Various Texas Punk From The Sixties Vol 2