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New Dimension, in Paramount, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, has been in the business of manufacturing custom sofas, sectionals, chairs, and upholstered beds from the frame up since 1993.

1 cup of washing up liquid (dish soap) * we used Ecover brand which has no SLS, therefore is not too bubbly. This helps keep the paint nice and smooth when it’s finished *

When the alchemists had a living experience of God through their relationship with the imaginatively created philosophers’ stone, they realized that the whole experience was nothing other than an experience of the divine imagination, which is to say that they were realizing that they themselves were living inspirations of the divine, creative imagination itself. Jung says, “I am indeed convinced that creative imagination is the only primordial phenomenon accessible to us, the real Ground of the psyche, the only immediate reality.” Being the “only immediate reality,” the divine, creative imagination is the primordial ground of “reality” itself. Paradoxically, at the same time that the philosophers’ stone revealed itself as a product of the alchemists’ imagination, the alchemists realized that they themselves — and everyone for that matter — were the imagination of the philosophers’ stone!

Imagination New DimensionImagination New DimensionImagination New DimensionImagination New Dimension