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The device has sharp prongs that dig into the skin and flesh, though generally it does not draw blood. To most women, it sounds a peculiarly ­masochistic practice. 

As of 2016, there were 94,776 members of the Prelature: 92,667 lay persons and 2,109 priests. [1] These figures do not include the diocesan priest members of Opus Dei's Priestly Society of the Holy Cross , estimated to number 2,000 in the year 2005. [8] Members are in more than 90 countries. [9] About 70% of Opus Dei members live in their private homes, leading traditional Catholic family lives with secular careers, [10] [11] while the other 30% are celibate, of whom the majority live in Opus Dei centers. Aside from their personal charity and social work, Opus Dei members organize training in Catholic spirituality applied to daily life; members are involved in running universities, university residences, schools, publishing houses, hospitals, and technical and agricultural training centers.

Line (and other manufacturers) have addressed this issue by reducing the amount of rocker splay and smoothing out the profile on earlier, more aggressively rockered ski designs. Line likes to say that this shallower rocker on the Opus lets you plane instead of plow through the pow. And, yes, the Opus does indeed plane over fresh snow. The sensation of getting pushed back upon reentry into powder is greatly reduced, making floatation more consistent and smooth.

Opus Live Is Life Up And DownOpus Live Is Life Up And DownOpus Live Is Life Up And DownOpus Live Is Life Up And Down