Don ralke the savage and the sensuous bongos - Warner Brothers Album Discography, Part 1 -

The first 52 issues used a small three-pointed crown logo on the front cover. At 5053, this changed to an upright box which stated, "Crown Records High Fidelity Stereophonic Record," whether the disc was mono or stereo. The cover logo again changed at about 5075, to an oval with "Crown Records" inside. The label design remained the same throughout this time.

The Crown label used for all the issues on this page was black with silver print. The mono version (far left) had "crown" in lower case letters bending around the top edge of the label. A small three pointed crown was at the bottom of the label. The stereo albums were issued on red vinyl. These had a slightly different black label design (near left), with a drawing of the British Imperial State crown. Both labels had the address of 9317 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, Calif. The early Crown covers (far left) had no banners on the bottom. Later reissues (near left) had indications of reissue like the "FULL COLOR HIGH FIDELITY" banners along the bottom of the record jacket. Since Crown just slightly reduced the size of the front slick for reissue, the cover usually looks the same on reissue pressings as the originals (in this case, the original was from 1957). The "HIGH FIDELITY" at the bottom is actually part of the bend-around back slick, so depending on which back slicks they were using at the time, the album cover would look different. By looking at this discography and determining the dates for the different "looks" of Crown, one can tell when the reissue was pressed, to a certain degree. In this example, this type of HIGH FIDELITY banner was used between #5207 in early 1961 and about #5288 in very early 1963, so the reissue was most likely pressed in 1961 or 1962. The labels on the disc would correspond to this time frame, also.

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Don Ralke The Savage And The Sensuous BongosDon Ralke The Savage And The Sensuous BongosDon Ralke The Savage And The Sensuous BongosDon Ralke The Savage And The Sensuous Bongos