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Although other groups had previously played fast and aggressive music, Napalm Death is credited with defining the Grindcore genre through its fusion of punk and metal musical structures, aggressive playing, fast tempos, and deep guttural vocals.

I just stopped short of writing "Napalm Death's groundbreaking Scum ." The English band is rightfully credited with helping to invent grindcore, or at least mixing ingredients that bubbled to the surface and terming a sound that was happening to different degrees elsewhere as well, but Scum 's always felt most important to me for establishing a template later extreme metal bands could have fun smashing and expanding. So we could argue about whether this is "seminal" or not but dropping record-geek tropes glosses over the fact that these 28 raw, compelling, sometimes just okay songs are actually scruffy, crusty tunes .

Napalm Death ScumNapalm Death ScumNapalm Death ScumNapalm Death Scum